Welcome to RankNReview!!


Welcome to Rank N Review!  This is the audio podcast where six genre films are discussed and then ranked from the least favorite to the most.

Each episode your host and random Canadian Larry Parsons forces a friend of his to watch several genre movies on a particular theme, (Bugs, Ghosts, Zombies etc), and to then discuss each film individually.  If at the end of the episode the films line up a prize is given out!

The tone of the show is light and fun.  We do discuss spoilers and I let my guests fly with as much colorful language as they deem necessary.

Not all the films discussed will be masterpieces- but one of the goals of this show is to not be about hate.  The internet has enough cruelty to go around- Rank n Review does not wish to add another shrill voice to the chorus of vitriol. MOST of the time I am successful in restraining myself from a needlessly mean spirited review.  It can be admittedly challenging at times.

Larry Parsons, your host and random Canadian is an actor, writer, film maker and producer from Saskatoon SK Canada.  He is educated in English and Drama and is the father of two.  How much does he love the horror genre?  So much he hopes to contribute to it!

This show is for fans of scary movies and fun funny conversation!  Please send all feedback to Ranknreview@gmail.com or comment at the bottom of the page.  Thanks for checking out the podcast! Enjoy the shows and please spread the word on Rank N Review.



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